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fecal transplant success stories

PoP defines a ‘success story’ as 50% or more improvement from FMT sustained for at least 6 months. Not all FMT ends with a success story. What works for some does not work for everyone and more research needs to be done to discover why.

Always discuss your options with a health practitioner.  NEVER use an untested donor. 

If you have benefited from FMT and have a success story to share, please consider telling it.  Your story will give hope to others.  It will also help collate anecdotal evidence to place pressure on the medical and scientific community to do more research so that FMT is available for all people with digestive illness.  Simply complete our Success Story Template or write it in your own words or  your blog details.

Recovery from Ulcerative Colitis

Yasmin’s Story

Josh’s Story

Jennifer’s Story

Tyler’s Story

Geoff’s Story (video)

Jenny’s Story

James’s Story

Jaimi’s Story

Robby’s Story (child)

Mike’s Story

Carlos’s Story

Julie’s Story

Madhura’s Story

Ed’s Story

Kathy’s Story

Michael’s Story (e-book & video)

Matt’s Story

Teri’s Story

Vivek’s Story (e-book)

UC Success Stories from Bright Medicine Clinic, Portland, Oregan, USA

UC Success Stories from The Centre for Digestive Diseases, Sydney, Australia


Recovery from Crohns

Genevieve’s Story

Jake’s Story

Madison’s Story

Skye’s Story (book)


Recovery from C diff

Tracy S’s story

Linda’s Story

Louise’s Story

Sonya’s Story (video)

Angie’s Story (video)

Melissa’s Story

Jennifer’s Story

Ellen’s Story  (video)

Sarah’s Story (video)

Margaret’s Story 

C diff Success Stories from the Fecal Transplant Foundation

Study Shows FMT Achieves 93% Success Rate in C Diff Patients


Recovery from IBS / Diarrhea

Sunshine’s Story

Brandi’s Story

Caitlin’s Story

The Freeman’s Story

 Mikka’s Story


Recovery from Constipation

Danny’s Story


Recovery from Food Intolerances 

Roger’s Story


Recovery from Mental Illness

Tracy Mac’s Story


Recovery from Autistic Enterocolitis

Sam’s Story (child)


Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis

Carlos’s Story



Recovery from CFS / ME

Study Shows FMT Achieves 70% Success Rate in CFS/ME Patients

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Recovery from a-whole-lot-of-awful-stuff

Karen’s Story (podcast)


Recovery from Other Illness

 to post your story here


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