Where to get a Fecal Transplant

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As at April 2013 the US FDA has classified fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) as an Investigational New Drug. This means that until FMT is formally approved, its use is restricted to the treatment of Clostridium Difficle (C Diff) that does not respond to multiple course of antibiotics.  However the FDA ruling does not stop doctors assisting you by screening your donor or advising you how to do FMT safely at home. Canada has adopted the same stance as the USA.

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disrupts colonies of pathogenic microbiota

The Centre for Digestive Diseases, Sydney, NSW

Dr Sanjay Nandurkar, Box Hill, VIC

Moonee Valley Specialist Centre, Moonee Ponds, VIC

Melbourne FMT, Moonee Ponds, VIC


South America

The Newbery Clinic, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 

(Skype consultations available in English)


United Kingdom

C diff only unless indicated

Taymount Clinic, Hitchin, UNITED KINGDOM (all conditions)

Dr Simon Goldenberg, London, UK

Dr Benjamin Mullish, London, UK

Dr. Alisdair MacConnachie, Glasgow, UK

Dr Jeremy Sanderson, London, UK

Prof Peter Hawkey, Birmingham, UK



C diff only unless indicated

Dr Gero Moog, Kassel, GERMANY

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Storr, Gauting Starnberg GERMANY

Prof. Dr. Christoph Högenauer, Auenbruggerplatz AUSTRIA

Dr Josbert Keller, Haga Teaching Hospital, The Hague, NETHERLANDS

Prof. Gerhard Rogler, University Hospital, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Ryhov Hospital Jönköping, SWEDEN

Q Living Klinik, København DENMARK

Dr. Eero Mattila & Dr Martti Frakkila, Helsinki University Central Hospital, FINLAND



Dr Ajit Sood, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141001, INDIA




* US & Canadian doctors are only permitted to do FMT for patients with C diff that does not respond to multiple courses of antibiotics.   They may be willing to test your donor for DIY FMT if you have another condition and advise on the procedure, however they are not obliged to do so.  If you do not have C diff doctors are not permitted to do the procedure for you. Please don’t ask them to do this as their hands are tied by legislation.


Canada *

Dr Christine Lee Hamilton Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario

Thomas Louie, MD, University of Calgary

Dr. David Kreaden, Toronto, Canada



Bright Medicine Clinic, Portland, OR (Mark Davis ND)

Microbiomes LLC, Portland, OR (Carmen Campbell ND & Mark Davis ND)

RDS Infusions, Tampa FL (David Shepard MD)


Lawrence Fielder MD, Boca Raton, FL

Caterina Oneto, MD, NY, NY

Daniel Hamptom, MD, Las Cruces, NM

Purety Family Medical Clinic, Santa Barbara, CA

Alister George MD, Thousand Oaks, CA 

Allen Kamrava MD, Beverly Hills, CA

Roy Ozanne MD, Langley, WA 

Tanvi Dhere, MD, Johns Ck, GA

Joseph Baber DO FACP, Greenville, SC

William M. Chamberlin, MD, Billings MT

Alka Goyal, MD, Pittsburgh, PA  (pediatrician)

Jose Vasquez, MD, Brandon, FL

KT Park MD, Palo Alto, CA (pediatrics)

Steven L Werlin, MD, Milwaukee, WI (pediatrician)

Caterina Oneto, MD, NYU School of Medicine

Brian Gill MD, Plymouth, MA

leaky gut repair formula

repairs leaky gut (intestinal permeability)

Eugene F Yen MD , Evanston, IL

Arnab Ray MD, New Orleans, LA

Steve Freeman, MD, University of Colorado

F. Lyone Hochman, MD, Houston, TX

Melvin K Lau MD and Dr Vu Nhu Nguyen MD, Round Rock, TX

Satish M Rao, M.D. Augusta, GA

Ohio Hospitals

Maria Oliva-Hemker, M.D. John Hopkins Children’s Hospital Baltimore, MD

Lawrence Brandt, New York, NY

Lee Ann Chen MD, NY, NY

Jonathan Goldstein MD, Rochester, NY

Shelley Gordon MD, California Pacific Medical

Michael J. Docktor, Boston MD (IBD Pediatrician)

David A Johnson MD, Norfolk, VA

Tim Rubin MD, Minnesota


supports your liver to deal with gut toxins and die-off

Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates 

Colleen Kelly MD. Rhode Island

Sudhir K. Dutta MD, Baltimore

Alexander Khoruts MD, Minneapolis

Paul F Schleinitz MD, Oregon

Gary Griglione, MD Madison, Wisconsin

Jackson Seigelbaum, MD, Gastroenterology Harrisburg, PI

Robert W. Schuman MD, West Orange, NJ

Kevin S. Skole, MD, Plainsboro, NJ

Ellen Scherl, MD, NY NY

David Rubin, MD, Chicago IL

Prabhakar Swaroop, M.D Chicago IL

Mark Mellow MD, Oklahoma City

Joseph Brasco MD, Huntsville, AL

Susan Edwards DHMC LebanonNH  (pediatrics)

Douglas Wolf St.Joseph, Atlanta

Mayo Clinic in Phoenix AZ 

Mayo Clinic Minnesota

Gordon France, Spartanburg Regional, SC

Sovi Joseph, Port Charlotte, FL

Gastroenterology Consultants, Reno, NV

Lisa B Malter, NY NY

Darrell Pardi, MD / Sahil Khanna, MMS Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Martin H Poleski, MD, CM Durham, NC 

Robert T Elliot MD, Burlington, NC

Barry Schneider MD, Charlotte, NC

David L Suskind MD, Seattle, WA (pediatrics)

Christina M Surawicz, MD Seattle, WA

Michael Vaezi, MD, Nashville, TN

Jack Bragg and Dr. Ghassan Hammoud, University of Missouri Health Center, Columbia, MO

Andrew Weinberg MD, Gilbert AZ

Neil Stollman MD, Oakland, CA

Daniel Hampton MD, Las Cruces, NM, USA

Michael B Edmond MD, Richmond, VA 

Maria Oliva-Hemka MD, Baltimore MD  (Paediatrician)

Katherine A. Kosche, MD, Pembroke Pines, FL

Mahdi M. Budayr, MD, Maryville, TN

Dr. Sara Horst and Dr. Dawn Beaulieu through Vanderbilt IBD Clinic, Nashville, TN

Maribeth Nicholson, MD Nashville, TN (pediatrics)

Drexel Medicine, Philadelphia, PA & other locations


More US FMT providers can be found at:


OpenBiome (USA)

The Fecal Transplant Foundation


If you can’t find a clinic to help you, you may be interested in the DIY Instructions however you will still need to find a doctor or pathology lab willing to test your donor. For information see the FAQs.

If you find any errors in these lists, or are doctor who would like to be listed as a FMT provider, please .



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