Donor Registry Requirements

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Bristol Stool Chart MugPlease note that we are not a donor bank linked to a hospital or medical clinic.  We’re a donor registry,  a volunteer organisation that links potential donors with potential recipients.

The way it works is that Donors are registered with a number and when someone asks to contact a Donor, they forward a brief email explaining a little about themselves and why they need fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). The Donor then decides if they want to contact them or not. The details are organised between Donor and the Recipient and there is no obligation to proceed. We simply facilitate the exchange of email addresses and do not test donors or give medical advice.

To be an eligible donor you must be at least 18 years old, in excellent health and on a healthy diet. Your stool (poop) should look like a  2,3 or 4 on the Bristol stool chart and you should satisfy the requirements of this Donor Screening Questionnaire. Please don’t proceed if you don’t satisfy these requirements as your time will be wasted when taking payday advance online with no credit check.

You cannot be on medication, ever have used antibiotics regularly or in the last 6 months, have travelled overseas to a high-risk country in the last 6 months or practise unsafe sex.  Personal medical questions, blood and fecal testing will be required. For specific screening criteria, see the Donor Screening Questionnaire. (Note that Hep B vaccination does not preclude you from donating but is screened for as it will affect blood tests).

The Recipient will be responsible for all costs and may have other screening criteria, such a diet.

You should also provide, or ask the Recipient to provide, a liability agreement.  Below are two examples of liability agreements people have used. Note that the primary purpose of these agreements is to promote understanding, not to be enforced in a court of law. This is a difficult area legally and these agreements would be unlikely to be watertight if tested. So the best approach is to discuss and document all the issues so that you and the Recipient are on the same page and disputes do not occur. Donor agreement 1 Donor agreement 2

As a guide, the amount per donation tends to be around $50-$200 depending if the donor has successfully donated before.  Some people don’t charge anything. Financial remuneration should only be a secondary reason for registering as a donor. The payments are nominal and unlikely to compensate you fully for the time involved in testing and communicating with the Recipient. Indeed if you don’t pass the tests, you won’t be able to donate at all. So your primary motivation should be to help people, have an interesting experience and learn more about the human body.

If you meet the requirements above, have successfully donated microbiota previously, or would like to donate for the first time to help a sick person, please  and we will register your details.


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