Geoff’s Story

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It’s understandable most success stories are anonymous, but so great when an FMT recipient decides to be unashamedly “out-and-proud” on video about their recovery using FMT.  Geoff’s is a spectacular recovery.  Yet it demonstrates once again that FMT is only one tool in a complex toolbox for recovery from Ulcerative Colitis and that multiple and sometimes ongoing treatments are required. Scientist, doctors and researchers, please note.

Geoff’s medical clinic


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I sounds like Geoff was inflamed when he started? Also how many treatments did he do over what length of time? preparation? retention? Thank you!

  2. Awesome story! Good luck to you! I recently started and have done 2 FMT and have had great success myself! I hope to share in the near future also.

  3. Awesome motivation!
    Would like someone to email me some info please!
    Such as how do test your donors? Etc
    Our son 19 has Crohns Colitis.

  4. Anthony Good luck to you as well! Way to take your health into your own hands and I look forward to your success story.

  5. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks! I will be doing another fmt this upcoming Wednesday. Can I contact you through your email? Thanks!

  6. Geoff, your story is eerily similar to mine. Month of antibiotics for Lyme in July 2013 and my symptoms started immediately after. Stool changes, colonoscopies. I’m diagnosed with “mild/moderate UC” and on Asacol and Budesonide with no relief. I’m not as sick as you got, but I don’t want to get there either. I am quite interested in some of the more detailed aspects of your FMT. Are you open to a PM to discuss? thanks.

  7. My daughter was diagnosed with crohns, colitis, ibs, does anyone know of a doctor in Portland Oregon that treats with FMT? Her doctor says that she is in remission after 3 rounds of remicade infusions yet she is still in so much pain and he wants he to continue on it. He said he is done treating her pain and that it must be caused by something other than her crohns, implying that it’s in her head. She feels helpless and defeated as do I.

  8. Bright Medicine Clinic in Portland Oregon.

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