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fecal transplant for ibs

Brandi’s artwork

Where do you live?

I live in Upstate NY, USA.

How old are you?


What percentage recovered are you?


What was your diagnosis and what treatments did you try before FMT?

IBS-D due to antibiotic overuse.   I tried dietary restrictions and meditation.

When did you have your first and last FMT treatment?

8/17/14-8/21/15 then 9/1/14-9/5/14 then 9/8/14 then 9/10/14 then 9/21/14-9/23/14.

How many FMT treatments did you need to see initial results and the results you have today?

I felt better after the 1st treatment. Then I gradually felt better over the next 4 months.

Were there other perpetuating factors in your illness or illnesses, or was your only issue a bacterial imbalance?

Since I was 18 years old, I’ve had 4 major surgeries and massive amounts of antibiotics. While they saved my life, they left me without the flora necessary for healthy digestion.

Does your condition still need maintenance eg diet, supplements, medication etc to keep it in remission?

I am taking a Probiotic, Jarrow Formula Ideal Bowel Support 299v. I am tolerating all foods. No meds.

How and when did you first hear of FMT?

I read about it 2 years ago. The Power of Poop website fully informed me.

What factors did you take into account when deciding to do FMT?

Testing my donor thoroughly was the most important factor. After much reading, I was convinced that FMT is the ultimate probiotic and that’s what my body needed.

What did your doctor/s say?

My Dr was uninformed even though they perform FMT at his hospital for patients with C-Diff. He thought I was crazy to consider something unapproved by the FDA. I proceeded regardless. The politics of medicine was not stopping me from helping myself get well.

What criteria did you use to choose a donor?

I mentioned FMT to a friend and she volunteered immediately. She too had read about FMT and believed in the theory. Then she got her blood and stool tested. She was clean. I am very fortunate.

How did you approach your donor and what was that person’s response?

I just took her up on her offer. She had only taken antibiotics a couple times in her life and she’s had the perfect stool her whole life. We are good friends and became a team.

What was your FMT experience like?

I looked at it as a medical procedure and did my homework. I watched the FMT YouTube videos for instructions. I believed this was the answer to decades of IBS-D. The experience was intense because it’s not mainstream yet and I am a pioneer. Right away I felt better and that propelled me to continue. It’s very doable.

Do you have any funny stories from your FMT journey?

It was funny when my donor would call me in the morning and let me know my sample was ready and hidden in a secret location. I’d drive over to pick it up, then I’d drive back home with the stool. All very secret and odd, yet miraculous and generous.

What was your darkest moment when you were ill?

After 11 months of diarrhea 4x daily, I was super weak, dizzy and losing weight.

What sustained you throughout?

My quest for health. I had faith in the theory and success stories of FMT.

What are the top 3 things you most enjoy about your post-FMT life?

My increased energy levels, my sharper thinking and having a normal movement every day!

What advice do you have for others to deal with the fear and (perceived) risk about FMT, in the face of skepticism from treating doctors, friends and family?

This is not an invasive treatment. Donor testing is imperative. Setting up your FMT equipment is basic and doable.

Watch other people’s testimonials and read about the increased awareness and success of FMT. The yuck factor quickly fades away once you realize this could change you life.

What advice do you have for someone trying to make a decision about FMT?

Read the science and research if FMT is an option for your illness. Go in with a positive attitude. I have found that a good emotional state definitely increases the positive results. FMT has changed my life!

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  1. I want to do this. I think I have the perfect donor. No Doctors around me do it, so I’d like to know if there is a place I can send my donor’s stool sample, pay them directly and get the results back directly without any doctor involvement required? Thanks for the encouraging words. I’ve been suffering from IBS-D for over twenty years.

  2. The first dates when you had FMT–don’t you mean 8/17/14-8/21/14 (and not 8/21/15?). I am trying to figure out how many FMT’s are necessary so this is important to me.

  3. There are some direct labs listed here.

  4. Dartar, I got prescriptions for all the tests from a doctor. A donor must ask for specific blood and stool tests to be done. My donor didn’t discuss FMT with her doctor.

    Mary, I did 14 treatments in all last year in 2014. My donor went out of town at one point so I waited for her to return in order to continue treatments. I wasn’t sure if the interruption would be problematic but now I do know that doing 14 treatments in total was key. The interruption didn’t matter in hindsight.
    Good luck!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this! Could you elaborate a bit on what kind of procedure you used? I wish the questionnaire would delve more into that. Thanks!

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