Danny’s Story

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7 year old fecal transplant success story


“Danny” is a seven year old boy.  His FMT success story is told in the words of his grandmother.  


What percentage recovered is Danny?

The chronic constipation is 95% better. The C-diff is cured.

What was his diagnosis and what treatments did you try before FMT?

C-Diff infections fluctuating with Chronic Constipation, Autism & Autoimmunity.  Prior to FMT we tried Stem Cells, TSO, numerous prescription drugs/supplements, GFCF diet, HBOT, & 2 ½ years of an elimination diet.

When did he have his first and last FMT treatment?

First FMT was in November 2013. Last was in April 2014.

How many FMT treatments did he need to see initial results and the results he has today? 

We initially did 5 FMTs and it took 3 weeks to see results.  Current C-diff infection was resolved and he no longer experiences constipation.  However since he also suffers from an Autoimmune dx (Common Variable Immune Deficiency CVID) this brings along additional challenges that has resulted in the need to use antibiotics following the initial FMT treatment.  The use of these antibiotics has resolved the newly acquired immune infections but has caused us to have to repeat the FMT to continue to see the good results in keeping the C-diff in check.

Were there other perpetuating factors in his illness or illnesses, or was his only issue a bacterial imbalance?

We strongly believe the immune deficiency is a large contributing factor as to why he suffers from the bacterial imbalance that results in the C-Diff and chronic constipation issues.

Did FMT help his Autism?

The first FMT did indeed help the Autism by making him very calm, less hyperactive and less stimmy. Once there was no more Clostridia infection and no more constipation he became a very happy little boy. FMT improved the Autism symptoms, while not curing it.

Does his condition still need maintenance eg diet, supplements, medication etc to keep it in remission?

We continue to need the GFCF (gluten-free-casein-free) diet and many supplements/prescriptions to deal with the Autism and Immune Deficiency symptoms but NOT the C-diff or Chronic Constipation.  Since he developed SIBO following the use of FMT pills we now need to rotate herbal antibacterials in order to keep the SIBO under control.

How and when did you first hear of FMT? 

In October 2013 from our physician and then from the Facebook FMT Group.

What factors did you take into account when deciding to do FMT?

Our physician recommended it once he knew we were dealing with a specialist who did all the right testing and properly screened his donors.  Our provider also had other patients who had done the procedure and saw great results.

What criteria did you use to choose a donor? 

We obtained our donor through our provider. We requested a Vegan donor who had passed all the necessary testing and was in good health.

What was the FMT experience like? 

The experience was easy since the provider did all the testing and the procedure was simple and did not require a lot of time.  There was some gas and bloating for only the first couple of days and then subsided.  Three weeks later the constipation was alleviated and normal stools began happening everyday.

What was your darkest moment when Danny was so ill?  

The vicious cycle of ongoing C-diff infections alternating with chronic constipation and the need for rotating antibiotics and the use of DAILY enemas to relieve the constipation.

What sustained you throughout? 

The hope that others’ success could and would one day be ours as well.

What are the top 3 things you most enjoy about Danny’s post-FMT life? 

  1. No more C-Diff infection
  2. No more need for daily enemas to relieve chronic constipation
  3. Stool test results which show we have finally achieved GOOD bacteria in optimal numbers which we have never been able to do since Danny was born.

What advice do you have for others to deal with the fear and (perceived) risk about FMT, in the face of scepticism from treating doctors, friends and family?

Testing your donor should help put your fears to rest while knowing this procedure is simple but life changing and has worked for so many.  Limit the number of FMT pills you take and if you already suffer from SIBO think twice before doing top-down FMT.

What advice do you have for someone trying to make a decision about FMT? 

When you are dealing with such severe health issues such as C-diff, Colitis, Chronic Constipation, etc this procedure is simple and life changing. The only advice I would offer would be to either find a provider who uses their own tested donors or if you choose to use your own donor make sure you test them for all the recommended areas of concern (i.e. HIV, Parasites, C. difficile toxin B (preferably by PCR), and a history of autoimmune or atopic illnesses etc).  This procedure is the best Probiotic and naturally helps the body to heal itself.


Editor’s Note:

PoP does not recommend FMT without medical supervision, particularly for children. Please do NOT risk untested or unsupervised FMT on your child as you could make a bad situation worse. Instead, arm yourself with research and talk to your doctor about FMT as the next option in your care plan. If they are dismissive without reason, then go find a doctor who will discuss the issues logically and with respect. If you are located in the US please note that doctors are not permitted to deliver FMT for conditions other than C diff, but this does not stop them advising you on how to do home FMT safely.


Video on autism & microbiota 

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  1. My daughter has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. She too has CVID and chronic constipation, plus c-diff. Did you have to treat your son’s constipation, even when he had c-diff? If we don’t, my daughter will get terrible gas, (from slow motility) and get backed up. I treated her with FMT last year and got rid of the c-diff, but she’s had to be on abx so the c-diff returned. It seems like the FMT’s did not work this time and her doctor thinks maybe my gut flora is too much like hers at this point, even though I test negative for c-diff. We are planning to use my one year old niece’s poop next time.

  2. Why a Vegan donor? Vegans do not have the ‘normal’ human range of bacteria. I treat dyshidrosis, and I do believe FMT could help that too, but my protocol for dyshidrosis does not work on Vegans, or some vegetarians, and I do believe this is due to their restricted range of intestinal microbiome organisms.
    I suspect you would get a better result if you had used a regular meat eater, and encouraged the child to eat meat and fish. This is not about belief, it is about health.

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