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fecal transplant pathology tests



Donor Testing –  Blood & Fecal

Different doctors have different views on testing so please discuss with your doctor.  For the MINIMUM recommended testing of a donor see this list of Fecal Transplant Donor Tests issued jointly by the American Association of Gastroenterologists and other US health organisations.

However most FMT clinics recommend additional testing. Here are some of their recommendations: 

OpenBiome (USA) 

John Hopkins (USA) 

Taymount Clinic brochure (UK)

Newbery Clinic (Argentina)

Centre for Digestive Diseases (Australia).


Fecal Diversity Tests (also known as Microbial Ecology tests)

If you have the funds, a fecal diversity test is also strongly recommended to ensure your donor does not have dysbiosis.  Whereas traditional fecal pathology tests conducted by allopathic doctors look for microbiota that should not be in your gut, fecal diversity or microbial ecology tests measure the balance of normal microbiota in your gut. As microbiome science is a new field and more research still needs to be done, a mainstream doctor is unlikely to offer these tests and may even dismiss them. You can obtain them through naturopathic practitioners, integrative doctors or direct from some labs.


Direct to Patient Tests

Direct Labs 

Direct Labs offer a wide variety of functional medicine tests through laboratories including BioHealth, Metametrix, Doctor’s Data, Genova Diagnostics, ELISA/Act Biotechnologies ImmunoLabs. They do NOT offer blood tests for customers outside the USA, however all fecal, urine & hair tests are available for international customers.

LabTesting Direct (USA)

True Health Labs (USA)

My Med Labs (USA)

Great Plains Laboratory (USA)

Cyrex Labs (USA)

PrivateBloodTests (UK)


Fecal Diversity Tests Only

Ubiome (USA)

American Gut (USA)

MyMicrobes (Europe)

Bioscreen (Australia)


It is overwhelming working out what tests to do and how to interpret them.  This is not helped by the fact that opinions differ among professionals. Below are some resources that will help you navigate this maze.

This article discusses the pros and cons of different kinds of tests.

How to interpret a Genova Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 

How to interpret Metametrix GI Effects stool profile 

How to interpret a Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology (Video)

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