Gut Microbiota for Gastroenterologists

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Congratulations to Gut Microbiota for Health, always ahead of the pack, for publishing  this presentation “Gut Microbiota for Gastroenterologists”.  This introduction to gut microbiota includes questions frequently asked by patients, which is most welcome.  It looks like the tide in turning and hopefully, patients like us won’t have to educate our doctors on this topic for much longer.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Diarrhea

Part 3 – Colonic diseases

Part 4 – Questions from patients

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  1. This is fantastic! Please keep up the good work! I have been with UC for six years and three weeks ago contracted C Diff. I initially tried antibiotics, but the C Diff returned. I am having a fecal transplant in two days. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hi, can you help me? I am based in the UK and the doctors here are even further behind the doctors in the US when it comes to gut microbiology and the impact it has on our health. I have been suffering with some sort of imbalance in my colon which causes moderate to severe bloating and soreness, especially in the evenings. I have tried FMT before and it seemed to help, but I could only do it once and I don;t think this was enough. How many times do you need to do it for it to work and how regularly would do you do it?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Tony Smith

  3. I am a sufferer of Ulcerative Colitis and diabetes. I have had problems with side effects from medications so not keen to try the harsher meds they are now trying to force me to take.
    As a mother of a young child, I just can’t be this ill. I cannot afford the £4000 it will cost to have this done here. Really need to know who in the UK will test a donor for me and what is a realistic charge for this.
    I am based in Cambridge in the UK

    Many thanks Ade

  4. Try Taymount Clinic in Hitchin.

  5. Hi
    I know this new technic but I have one question for using FMT so please i want answers from individuals who have digestive dissorders not cure by traditional medicine.
    Are some patients who having unspecified digestive dissorders (chronic diarrhea for many years) using
    this treatment by FMT?

    Thank you

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