US government seeks YOUR input into microbiome research

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save the human microbiome

If you live in the US and are passionate about saving the Human Microbiome please consider preparing a submission for the White House regarding your wish-list for Microbiome research. They want to hear from members of the public as well as technical people. Responses are required by 15 June (3 days left).

“The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is issuing a Request for Information to provide a broad community of stakeholders, including experts and members of the public an opportunity to comment on the current status and needs of microbiome research.”

The Request for Information can be found in the Federal Register here.

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  1. Dear Congress,

    As someone who has suffered from IBS issues for years, I urge you to fund research into the human microbiome. We are just learning the importance of bacteria in our physical and mental health and there is great promise in this area of research. I hope you will act now.

    Kind regards,
    Karen Greene

  2. You should know that i am undergoing an FMT capsule treatment in a different country. After 20 years of diarrhea from IBD crohns/colitis and only some help from dangerous drugs like remicade this treatment combined with diet brought my ibd to a dead stop in one single day. Something a 6 year treatment costing around 100.000 dollars did not accomplish. I godt a bad skin disease from remicade. I got no bad effects from the FMT.
    Please keep the project going. It has endless potential.
    I should not have to pay 4000 dollars of my own pocket to have poop made available to cure me. It should be an official first treatment.

  3. I have suffered from chronic relapsing Clostridia Difficile for over 20 years. This means that I cannot take any antibiotic, including alleged “non-systemic” ones like Xifaxin, without getting another overgrowth of C-diff that makes me very ill and threatens my life. In addition, the damage C-diff has done to my intestinal functioning and my native biome, damage that has now been irrefutably proven by the research team at Cedars-Sinai headed by Mark Pimentel, M. D., has caused me to have extremely limited food choices and many difficult symptoms on a daily basis. One example of the importance of studying the human biome is FMT, or Faecal Microbiota Therapy. FMT is a miracle treatment the “resets” the intestinal biome to give patients like me an excellent base for eventually recovering our gut function and protecting us from the ravages of C-diff and even chronic IBD. The importance of the human biome cannot be overstated as it holds endless possibilities for correcting and improving human health. I urge you to fund as much research into this emerging area of study as possible.

  4. I have heard exciting improvements from people who have been treated with fecal material. My own mother suffered from C difficile infection contracted after a stay for surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital for heart surgery, The surgery went well,but she suffered from the effects of infection and had to undergo two more surgeries and a long hospital stay, If fecal implant or similar therapy had been available she could have been spared much suffering. I urge congress to fund research and development of these potentially life saving therapies

    Sincerely Miriam Sperling

  5. It’s just wrong that the only people who can legally get a professional FMT are those who suffer from Clostridium difficile. I’ve had chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism for many years and now that I’ve learned about the effectiveness of FMTs, I’ve found that the only way to get one is either from a friend or fly to some other country. Of all the people I know, I have only ONE friend who is healthy enough to be a donor. American needs FMTs available to everyone, and not for thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars, but for maybe $100 so most people could afford one.

  6. Tracy Mac

    Both Thomas Borody and Glen Taylor know the effectiveness of this procedure and are actively seeking ways to refine the procedure for the best possible outcome. The University of Alberta study of 124 FMTs shown that it is safe and effective. Dr. Borody’s 25 years of experience also point to the safety of the procedure.

    The excitement right now, is refining the technique so we have the best possible outcome, and an accurate understanding of the true effectiveness.

    1. exposure to air is damaging the transplant.
    2. diversity of the microbiome. 40% lost in average American. We must find donors with the most diverse microbiomes ,undamaged by antibiotics or medicaitons.
    3. number of infusions necessary. The microbiome establishes over the first 3 years of life. It is a mistake to assume that only one infusion is necessary to re-establish.
    4. Microbiomes vary from person to person. repeated infusions from different donors, may be necessary.
    5. We are forgetting the microbiomes of the esophagus, the stomach, and the small intestine. They all play a role, and may affect each other.
    6. use a fresh, warm sample. no air.
    7. Antibiotics in meat at grocery stores. We can’t expect to fix our diseases, if we continue to ingest meat laced with antibiotics, thus affecting our microbiomes and microbiome transplants.
    8.Medications. We have yet to start testing medicaitons and over the counter supplements and their affect on the microbiome. We may be influencing the transplants.
    9. processed foods. additives in processed foods have never been tested if they affect the microbiome. We ignore the 90%.

    Stop Autism. IMHO it’s the antibiotics that are given to infants and young children that disrupt the formation of the microbiome, which in turn is leading to Autism. This is it, in my opinion.

    Side notes; MS has been reversed using an FMT. Autism has been reversed using an FMT. Published.

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