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If you care about educating the world about the human microbiome, please give generously to the OpenBiome Give a Sh!t Campaign and share this link so that others will too. These guys are the real deal, a non-profit organisation who I believe, will be responsible for revolutionising the medical professions’s attitude toward the microbiome and FMT. But they do need our help. It’s easy to complain (we all do it) but this is a chance to make a difference.

Read our interview with the OpenBiome team.


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  1. I would like to find a donor who is tested and willing to send the specimens in the mail. I live in Stony Plain Alberta Canada. I have had an Irritable bowel for about 10 yrs now with candida or fungus problem. My life is hell and I’m desperate to find a donor. Can you help me? I don’t believe I have sent you an email before, how could I have said this before!

  2. Im looking for a doctor to do the stool transplant I can donor my poop to you just tell me what I can do

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