FMT Goes Commercial

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US Angel Investors have invested $5 million in Mikrobex a start up company that will supply pre-screened fecal matter to doctors for use in Fecal Microbiota Transplant. Scientists in Canada have developed synthetic stool called Robogut. Australian FMT pioneer Professor Borody has also lodged a patent application for frozen poop.

It’s only a matter of time before FMT becomes commercially available on prescription from your doctor and this site becomes redundant. I look forward to POP disappearing into cyber space until one day, a PHD student unearths it when researching quaint relics of socio-medical history. Are we there yet?

 For an up to date overview of the commercialisation of fecal microbiota, see the Innovation page.

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  1. Absolutely! Just like when MS used to be seen as women with hysteria.


  2. A patent application? That’s a concern! After seeing the damage that Monsanto and others have done to the agriculture industry, It should not be possible to patent any sort life form in any way. Corporations are about profit and profit only.

  3. You have a point. Then again the only thing that will make FMT affordable and widely available to all who need it the opportunity for someone to make money out of a patent for a pill in a bottle.

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