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As seen on Dr Oz

Cured from Clostridium Difficile when everything else failed


What % better are you?

95-100% (just IBS and colitis leftover but ZERO c diff)

Brief summary of your condition and treatments you tried pre FMT.
Severe recurrent c diff and colitis. Tried many rounds of vanco and dificid.

When did you have your first / last FMT.
November 2012

How many FMTs did you need?

Were there other perpetuating factors in your illness or was it just bacterial imbalance?
Just c diff.

How and when you first heard of FMT.
During one of my hospitalizations in summer 2012

The factors you took into account when deciding to ‘take the plunge’
My current health. My future, my children, the state I was living (not living) in.

The criteria you used in choosing a donor and testing you had done.
Husband was first (easiest) choice. He tested positive for c diff. So chose my mom, next closest in location to me and healthy. They tested cdiff, hepatitis, STDs, EVERYTHING

How you approached your donor and their response.
I really didn’t even have to ask. I was so sick many people volunteered for me lol.

The result and the aftermath – what was your FMT experience like?
Great! I was so nervous the meds they used during colonoscopy didn’t even put me to sleep – I watched. Once I saw “it” go in I then fell asleep. I then felt better the very next day.

Any funny anecdotes along the way?
My dr said my mom’s poop was the best she’d seen

Advice on dealing with the fear and risk (perceived or real) around FMT in the face of scepticism by many people’s treating doctors, friends and family.
I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever heard. But once you’re sick so long and your life is consumed by this, FMT doesn’t seem so bad

What about the emotional journey you went through during X years of suffering and what sustained you throughout.
I appreciate the little things more and have more patience for my children. I can’t believe how they saw me living my life, so sick.

The Top 3 things you most love about your post-FMT life.

  • No more yellow stinky diarrhea
  • Not having to scope out every single bathroom wherever I went
  • I can eat!

The best advice I can give someone trying to make a decision about FMT is….

Just do it!



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