clostridium difficile

clostridium difficile

fecal transplant treats c diff

Louise’s Story

  Where do you live? Australia How old are you? 57 What percentage better are you? From C Diff 100% What was your diagnosis and what  treatments did...
7 year old fecal transplant success story

Danny’s Story

  "Danny" is a seven year old boy.  His FMT success story is told in the words of his grandmother.     What percentage recovered is Danny? The...
fecal transplant c diff

Bob’s Story

In August, Bob a much loved 57 year old husband, father and state administrator was having regular outpatient treatment in the local hospital in...

Melissa’s Story

  As seen on Dr Oz Cured from Clostridium Difficile when everything else failed   What % better are you? 95-100% (just IBS and colitis leftover but ZERO...

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What is C.diff?

C.difficile, also called C.diff or CDI (Clostridium difficile infection), is a bacterial infection of the intestinal tract.  The infection causes watery diarrhea and cramping....