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While researching if FMT is for you, you might benefit from the wisdom of others in a similar situation.  Below you will find links to find others on a digestive illness journey like you.

Some have success stories to tell, some are still searching. Some have tried FMT, some haven’t.Some stories are intensely personal while others stoically take refuge in the research. All are goldmines of  information as each seeker digs deeper and deeper into the illness that confounds them. All come from the hearts of e-Patients like you who want to share their knowledge, reach out to others and feel less alone.


Natural Digestive Healing

Matt Robinson recounts his successful remission from UC, IBD, c-diff, IBS using natural medicine including FMT.  He is now a digestive illness coach and has written an eBook on FMT.

Fecal Transplant – Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Michael Hirst’s UC Success Story, a blog, a site and many FMT resources including a DIY Video and book.

IBS Tales

Sophie Lee’s blog, site & book. She is in remission from IBS-A after a 20 years battle (without using FMT).

The Intestinal Gardener

Kristina’s explorations into the science of gut microbiota.

Blood Poop & Tears

Jackie’s account of her  “Battle with a Butt Disease”. Jackie is both heroic and humourous as she writes about her battles with UC, MS and a J-pouch and how she has finally found love in spite of it all.

Crohn’s End

Reid Kimball’s blog and site. He’s in remission from Crohn’s thanks to alternative medicine (without using FMT) and now filming a documentary about empowered patients with Crohn’s disease or UC who use controversial alternative treatments when nothing else works.

Fecal Bacteriotherapy

Vivek’s blog and book on his journey as a UC Dad, treating his daughter with UC.


Ken’s Open Source DIY Electronic Health Record & Blog on Crohn’s Disease

Glimpses of Me – Let’s Talk Poo

Jenn’s blog on her journey as a UC Mom, treating her daughter with UC.

The Throne Rangers

Rebecca’s blog on her journey as a UC Mom, treating her daughter with UC.

My Tummy Tantrums

Jordan’s blog about being sick for years with candida and finally cured (without using FMT).

One GI sufferer’s journey  including FMT

Chronic Strides

Kim’s story about treating chronic illness with FMT.

My Wellbeing Journal

One IBS Sufferer’s Journey

Up Your Butt and Around the Corner – My Life With Crohn’s

Crohn’s Zone

Unnamed blogger tells of treating Crohns with FMT.

Bacteriotherapy Journal

Michael’s journal of home FMT. Disease undisclosed.

Health Matters to Me

Ben D’s story in Ryan Koch Blog, describes home FMT to help with IBS-C.

Healed From Ulcerative Colitis

Teri’s story of using husband as donor for home FMT for UC.

In the Name of the Gut

Mr. E’s detailed descriptions of home FMT for UC.


Thought’s on self-administered FMT by a desperate IBS-C suffering skeptic who’s done it all, tried it all.

The Amazing Dr Wriggly

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Helminth Therapy, which is often used in conjunction with FMT for gut problems and autoimmune illness. Written by the ubiquitous John Scott moderator of the Yahoo & Facebook Helminth groups.

Support Groups & Discussion Forums



Facebook discussion group on FMT, probiotic retention enema therapy, oral probiotic supplementation including cultured foods, and all matters relating to the gut/brain axis.

The Fecal Transplant Foundation 

Raising awareness and providing support for Fecal Microbiota Transplant

The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation

“Fighting C Diff through Education & Advocacy”

The C Diff Foundation

Educating and Advocating for the Prevention, Treatment and Environmental Safety of Clostridium Difficile Worldwide

CDiffAware Anita L. Murphy Memorial Foundation

To educate Oklahomans and beyond, fund research to stop needless deaths from what is meant to cure us.

Clostridium Difficile Support Group

Many threads on FMT.

An internal search with “fecal transplant” will provide links to about 100 posts.

Crohns Support Group

Girls with Guts

Girls with IBD Inspiring Each Other

Fight Like a Girl Club

“A welcoming place where women (and men)  battling cancer and other diseases, survivors, and loved ones can come together to share stories, experiences, hope, and encouragement with one another”.

The IBD Times

Resource for IBD & IBS

If you find any issues with these links or know of  a quality blog, group or discussion forum that should be included on this list please .


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