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What are Fecal Microbiota Transplants?

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Best Practices

Briggs Protocol for Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction to Briggs Protocol for IBD

  The Briggs Protocol for treating Ulcerative Colitis has been floating around the internet and our Facebook FMT Discussion group for a few years now....

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Success Stories

Leah’s Success Using FMT for Arthritis

Where do you live? Connecticut How old are you? 29 What percentage better are you? 90- 95% What was your diagnosis and what treatments did you try...

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Practitioners & Clinics

The Taymount Clinic – Expanding The Reach of Fecal Microbiota Transplants

  Tell us a little about the history of Taymount clinic. How did you get started? The clinic started back in 2003 as a naturopathic clinic...
fecal transplant clinic

Interview with Dr Silvio Najt

  Dr Silvio Najt runs the Newbery Clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Newbery Clinic specialises in the treatment of inflammatory illnesses, through restoration of gut health through nutrition and...

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They are based on guidance we’ve gleaned from several years of reading the research as well as interaction with the 4000+ members in our FMT discussion group on Facebook.

Please remember that PoP does not take the place of medical advice. Always discuss your options with your health practitioner and never use an untested donor.