At the risk of sounding like a child of the flower power generation, I must regretfully tell you that your body is out of rhythm with the natural order.  That’s not a mystical assessment.  I’m not reading your aura. ...
Seeking out a website on fecal transplants makes you special.  Odds are that you have reached a place where conventional medications and traditional remedies have failed.  Doctors have given up on you.  Alternative practitioners have only taken you so far. ...
We see a lot of the headlines in the news and it is sometimes hard to catch and process all the new information. So here’s a summary of three important new insights uncovered by researchers about fecal transplants in 2016. FMT Strengthens Bile Acids...
There are many opportunities for participating in a study on fecal transplants. Being a study subject may help those who cannot receive FMT through traditional medical channels.  Being a part of the study will help us all as scientists seek...
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Briggs Protocol for Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction to Briggs Protocol for IBD

  The Briggs Protocol for treating Ulcerative Colitis has been floating around the internet and our Facebook FMT Discussion group for a few years now....

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