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Hello all!  FT pretty much saved my life. I have Crohn’s disease (diagnosed in 2007) and have been through ALL the meds and FAILED them all.

This past Feb/March I got really sick. (Severe Flare). My GI wanted to cut out my colon, as he thought that was my only option left. I did not agree…and thank god I didn’t follow his suggestion! Instead I stumbled upon FMT through a nutritionist I had been working with. He introduced me to the concept of gut dysbiosis and FMT. I decided I had nothing to lose and immediately did a transplant. 

I used the “at home” protocol, which is not the most enjoyable process, but really not that bad considering the alternative of losing my colon completely. My husband was my donor, and I did not have him tested for anything. Basically I decided that I knew he had no scary diseases, has normal bowel movements, eats super healthy (I am a bit of a freak in the food department), and is also a pro mountain biker….so something in his body must be working right!

I did a round of 4 transplants in a row, then took a week break and did 3 more. A few weeks later I did 2 more transplants with my husband as a donor and then 2 more with my twin sister as a donor a few months later. I cannot tell you how they changed my life. Within 10 days of the first round of transplants I had formed stools. I couldn’t believe it…it had been years since that happened! I am now off all meds and have recovered significantly since March.

When I was sick I had a fever everyday for 2 months, was scary anemic, and was just inflamed all over – my CRP was over 130. My CRP is now 30 (still high), but I am no longer anemic and feel so much better. Now I am back on my mountain bike, can run again, and have my energy back! I am still not completely “cured” of Crohns, I still have symptoms, but I am so significantly better it is amazing. I do think I will still need to do some more transplants in the future to maintain all those healthy bacteria in my gut, but I would rather do a million transplants than have some doctor cut out my colon.

It’s really amazing how well FMT has worked — as in, it’s the ONLY thing that has worked for me. Luckily I got hooked up with a local doc in town who is not a GI, but is very open to alternative treatments. He’s on board which is great.

The other thing I should mention is that I think diet is super important as well. I do my best to eat a lot of fermented foods, organic everything, raw milk, grassfed/finished beef etc. A book that has been super helpful is “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. I also take probiotics as well as LDN (low dose naltrexone) which is a harmless drug that helps to activate the immune system. It’s always an evolving journey to figure out what will work (as I am sure you know), but FMT was definitely the key to my recovery.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience. It has been such an amazing journey for me and I would love to share. Hopefully the GI doc community will see the wonderful benefit of healthy poo….instead of always pushing drugs and surgery.


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  1. what is the “at home” protocol? I have a friend who might benefit from this, if I could interest him in looking it up.

  2. Check out the links to the the Centre for Digestive Diseases protocol for Recipient and Donor – on the right side of this page under Links.

  3. Hi Gastrosurgery – Not sure what the bug is. What reader are you using? I have subscribed via google reader using a separate account and its showing up…

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