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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. 
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

I am pleased to announce the launch of an FMT discussion group on Facebook. This is a place to share experiences on home infusion, FMT clinics, FMT-friendly practitioners and donor testing. You may also wish to recruit others in your region to lobby local health practitioners and colonic clinics to offer FMT or local universities to conduct trials on FMT for your condition.  The key is to present a united front and a compelling case that can’t be ignored. 

Intestinal dysbiosis hits people from all walks of life and when we are not blighted by brain fog, we are a smart lot. Hopefully the activities of the Facebook group will harness these resources and place more pressure on the medical community to catch up with the science. The research is conclusive on C Diff  however more is needed on other gut conditions. The success of FMT treatment for C Diff has proven that properly screened FMT doesn’t harm, so why not try it on other gut conditions where dysbiosis is a factor? It certainly is less harmful to the gut than anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories, which for many of us have caused more problems than they solved. 

I’m guessing you don’t want your Facebook profile showing membership of a fecal transplant discussion group?  To protect your privacy the group has been set up under the pseudonym Sally Brown.  You can’t find it via Internet search and only your friendship with Sally will display on your Facebook profile. To join please send a friend request to Sally. You will then be accepted into the group.

Don’t be shy! If you’ve been wanting to share your experience with others, get moral support to take the FMT plunge or would like to recruit others for a lobby group, all you have to do is join.

Isn’t it time you were friends with Sally Brown? 

The longest journey begins with one step.
Lao Tzu

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  1. Thanks for your extremely inspiring blog. I went to see Prof Borody in Aug to get a diagnosis but had to do home FMT because I live in New Zealand. I had to ask 2 donors to be screened – the first turned out to have undiagnosed coeliac disease. I have now finished my 11th transplant and my symptoms are totally gone.

    I am 65 years old and have had intractible diarrhea for 19 years that forced me to quit work 2 years ago.

    I am absolutely thrilled after all this time that I can finally eat, sleep and feel normal again

  2. Wow. This is indeed a good news story Stuart. Was it C Diff or something else?

  3. It proved to be really difficult to culture. I had one partial positive for C Diff and one where mucous interfered with the culture. The 3rd time I had been taking massive amounts of Immodium and Zeolite. Because the 3rd same was partially formed, the hospital in Auckland declined to culture (I didn’t find this out till much later when I had already started Flagyl in preparation for the FMT).

  4. Hi, I’m grateful for your blog. I’m so glad you’re getting closer to more vibrant health.
    I just wanted to say that for even more privacy on the Sally Brown facebook page, you might hide Sally’s likes, as well as her friends. Anyone wondering about this new Sally-person-with-no-profile-pic-that-you-just-became-friends-with is currently able to click through to the page/timeline where Sally’s likes and all of her friends are displayed.
    As much as I believe in TPOP, FMT is a pretty off-putting topic for most of the Purel Population we all interact with daily. Jus’ sayin!
    Thanks for all you’ve done, & wishing you continued improving wellness!

  5. Thanks – Sally’s like and friends are now private :-)

  6. Stuart would you be prepared to have your success story told to inspire and inform others? If so please email me

  7. I am wondering if this treatment would help my colon as I have a very difficult parasite to kill in the colon and my colon is very sick as well as the small intestines. I have putrid smelling poo from undigested proteins. I have a leaky gut too! Any thoughts if this might help my colon to feel better. My bowel movements range from light brown to a very dark brown too! I can’t seem to have a balanced flora in the colon. Everything I eat that’s a carb (very low in sugar as I am on a candida diet) creates more problems by the by products from the yeast feed the parasites/protozoan in the colon. It’s a nightmare. The protozoan is a problem because I have a very leaky gut which is making my very ill too! I don’t know what to eat anymore! Thank you for your help!

  8. FMT will help, but only as part of a holistic plan to address all perpetuating factors. It’s important to get rid of known pathogens before FMT to maximise the chance of success.

  9. Am wondering about the FDA’s ruling to stop all FMT procedures in the U.S. for further investigation, which could take years – at this time it is only approved for C diff. patients. So many others could be helped, including myself. After many years of life altering condition, only options have been prescriptions which do not resolve anything, I am anxious to follow up on this procedure. Perhaps this is a situation where a large number of patients could make a difference in the FDA’s decision, and help to convince them to allow this procedure to be utilized on patients suffering from other conditions. There have been no bad outcomes reported, therefore the risk seems relatively insigificant. The NY Times printed a full page on this topic in the editorial section (July 7th, 2013) entitled “Why I donated my stool” by Marie Myung-Ok-Lee; glad to see this level of interest to make the Sunday edition of NY Times. The individual suffered from ulcerative colitis, and was helped greatly by this procedure. The article can be found on-line, from the NY Times editorial page, this date. Any thoughts? Time to get agressive and to make a difference!

  10. Hi, have Crohns for 14 years already, last week did 2 transplants every time I did got fever that day and felt very not well with lots of diareah is that normal? Now I’m 4 days after the first transplant don’t see eny changes, what do you think I should do?

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