Sample Email to Donor



Dear X

I am writing to you because I need your help.  As you know I have been sick for a long time. / You may not know but I have been sick for a long time.

I have been to X number of doctors, Y number of gastro-intestinal specialists and Z number of natural practitioners and been given a whole range or diagnosis including XYZ – or told me it’s psychological.  Various things prescribed have helped, some have made me worse, but none have made me better.

It’s now been X years of deteriorating health, I’m at my wits end and feeling quite desperate. To give you an idea of what my life is like, here are some of the symptoms I’m dealing with daily:  XYZ. Things I can no longer do include XYZ.  Things I have to do daily just to keep functioning are: XYZ.

The only good thing in all of this is that I finally seem to have isolated my problem to bacterial imbalance in the bowel.  So I’ve decided to try a radical treatment.  Over recent months I’ve been researching / my doctor has recommended a new procedure that is starting to gain attention worldwide.  As revolting as it sounds, it’s called Fecal Microbiota Transplantation(FMT).  Yes – a poop transplant.

How does it work?  Fluid containing poo from a healthy person is inserted up the rear of the sick person via enema over a period of 10 days. The idea is that the normal poo from a healthy person will re-balance the sick poo in my gut.  The enema contains an estimated 30,000 good bugs compared to a bottle of pro-biotics you buy from the supermarket, which may contain 2 or 3.

The big problem with this procedure is that it’s expensive and not widely available. Although the research is very promising there are currently only a limited number of clinics worldwide that offer the procedure. The nearest clinic to me is XYZ and it would cost me $123 to go there and be treated.

So here is why I’m writing to you.  I have obtained a copy of a DIY Home Infusion Protocol and am planning on finding myself a donor to help me. I need to find someone who is male, has perfect bowel movements, never had any significant or ongoing health problems and has not recently had travellers diarrhea,  taken anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories or any ongoing medication. Believe me, that’s not as easy as it sounds in a world where people are pooping daily!

You are one of the few people I know who fits all the above criteria. So I was wondering if you would be willing to help?   It would first involve blood tests and poo tests, which I would pay for. It would then involve me collecting the ‘sample’ from you for 5-10 days within an hour of it being produced.  You would need to be on a healthy diet for the time you were donating.

I know it’s an embarrassing request so if you are not comfortable helping me, please let me know.  But if you would at least take the time to consider my situation and watch the video clip below I would greatly appreciate it.

Doctor who is a Donor

Australian Video Clip               UK Video Clip

USA Video Clip 1                    USA Video Clip 2 (more scientific).


PS.   I’m sure we can find a way to overcome our embarrassment – after all laughter’s the best medicine isn’t it?