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Geoff’s Story

It’s understandable most success stories are anonymous, but so great when an FMT recipient decides to be unashamedly “out-and-proud” on video about their recovery using FMT.  Geoff’s is a spectacular recovery.  Yet it demonstrates once again that FMT is only one tool in a… Read More ›

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Jenny’s Story

This is an interesting success story for a few of reasons. Firstly, it’s our first story from New Zealand. Secondly, the success occurred in an older patient with bad UC suggesting that age and severity do not necessarily preclude healing. Thirdly, and importantly, it’s… Read More ›

fecal transplant for severe ulcerative colitis proctitis success story

James’s Story

  Where do you live? I live in Zaragoza, Spain. How old are you? I am 31 years old. What percentage better are you? I would say around 80-85% (and expecting to increase these numbers in the following days/weeks). What… Read More ›

fecal transplant success story

Gerry’s Story

Where do you live? Ashbourne, UK How old are you? 46 What percentage better are you? 90% What was your diagnosis and what treatments did you try before FMT? I have Ulcerative Colitis, first diagnosed in 1999. I have been through… Read More ›

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Jaimi’s Story

  This FMT success story is told from the viewpoint of 22 year old Jaimi and her father who championed the FMT treatment to save his daughter from surgery.   Where are you from? Portland, Oregon, USA What percentage better… Read More ›

3 year old fecal transplant success story

Robby’s Story

  If you have a sick child, you will know how difficult it is to make decisions on their behalf, particularly once the mainstream medical system has given up on them. You are terrified to try alternative treatments, and you… Read More ›

fecal transplant for ulcerative colitis success story

Mike’s Story

  This story, told by a father, tells of the recovery of his 17 year old son from Ulcerative Colitis using FMT. Where do you live: Concord, California, USA What percentage recovery did your son achieve? 95-100% What was the… Read More ›

fecal transplant success story

Carlos’s Story

Dr. Carlos Monteverde is a medical doctor from Ecuador specialized in immunology. He has achieved recovery from UC by using FMT. He runs a pharmaceutical ingredients company and is now trying to develop an elemental formula that is free of casein and… Read More ›

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Julie’s Story

Where are you from? Florida, USA. What percentage better are you? Right now 95% for the last 8 months. What was your diagnosis and what treatments did you try before FMT? I had a terrible case of C-Diff like 9… Read More ›

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Madhura’s Story

   Editor’s Note I am thrilled to publish this success story from Bangalore, India. In November last year I received an email from Madhura’s husband enquiring about fecal transplant for his wife’s Ulcerative Colitis. Since then I have followed their… Read More ›


Ed’s Story

   After suffering from IBD since 1978, I am in remission (cured?) 10 months after finishing Fecal Transplant therapy.  In 1978, my senior year of high school, I first noticed blood in my stool. My first diagnosis of IBD, ulcerative… Read More ›


Michael’s Story

  Michael K Hurst – Cured of Ulcerative Colitis from Fecal Transplants summer 2011. For additional details about Michael’s story or to contact him see his website FecalTransplant.org What % better are you? I am 110% better, I’m actually better now… Read More ›


Kathy’s Story

Hi, I’m Kathy, mom to a nine-year-old girl diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in January 2012 and successfully treated with FMT.  I don’t want to know where we would be now if we hadn’t tried it, or if it hadn’t worked. … Read More ›

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